History of Roberts Cottages

A.J. Clark purchased this property in 1925 and in January 1928, secured a permit to build 24 beach cottages for a projected cost of $25,000.  The cottages, completed in July 1928, may have been designed and built by the Whiting-Mead Company, as a lien was filed against the property in September 1928 by that business. 

On May 14, 1929, the structures were sold to A. S. and Pearlie Gholson who in turn sold them to Doren Perrine on November 6, 1929.  Marion and Margie Arbogast purchased the site in 1930 and evidently was unable to carry the financial load in 1937 as the property was deeded that year to the National Company Ltd.  In 1940, the Mutual Building and Loan Association of Long Beach assumed ownership of the cottages, selling them in 1941 to Harry and Virginia Roberts who gave them their name. 

In 1944, Reginald and Mary Hampton bought the structures which were sold in 1946 to Irving and Vera Willens.  The Willens’ relinquished the property to William B. Settle in 1952 who in turn sold the site to H. D. and Rush Forquer in 1953. 

In 1957, when the Forquers attempted to sell all the cottages as a unit and failed, Wilma Stakich, the real estate agent suggested that the 12 by 24 feet cottages be sold individually to various owners.  This was supposedly the first time someone had used the “own-you-own” condo concept in California.  At that time, the beach-front units sold for $5,950 and the second-row units went for $5,250. 

In 1990, the cottages closed escrow for up to $160,000.  These quaint buildings represent an important part of Oceanside’s history because they were built during the late 1920’s when Oceanside figured prominently on motor Route 101 which ran through the city, and also because they were in walking distance of the railroad - thus attracting may part-time residents from Los Angeles. 

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